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We Help Protect Driveways, Parking lots & PathWays

Protect your paved driveway or parking lot from the elements with a stand out seal coat application from our asphalt professionals in San Diego, California.

Of course, you want to guard your investment in pavement and make it last for as long as possible. Regular coating helps prevent cracking, chipping, deterioration, and fading while renewing its color.

Our team of fully licensed and insured contractors are seasoned, skilled, and dedicated to assisting you with your residential or commercial project. With more than 20 years of experience in the region, our local company is known for delivery satisfying results to our customers.

Regular coating typically saves you from costlier repairs, maintenance, and need for repaving in the future.

We offer free and accurate estimates, as well as a variety of affordable sealcoating and asphalt services. Contact us today to get started.

Our Paving Services

We deliver a wide range of reliable residential and commercial paving services throughout our coverage area. They include:


Maintaining the cement that binds asphalt together is the key to preserving and extending the life of a paved driveway or parking lot. Rain, ultra violet sun rays, gas, oil, and other chemicals break down the cement as it is introduced to the asphalt.

To slow, limit, and totally prevent this deterioration process, sealcoating is needed everything one to three years – more often if it endures heavy traffic.

We apply a minimum of two coats under the right weather conditions to ensure your pavement is protected. Our application process delivers a slip resistant surface and restores the jet black color of your blacktop.

Crack Sealing

Unfortunately, pavement cannot and will not remain in perfect condition forever. Thanks to months and years of enduring harsh weather conditions, traffic and chemicals, it’s likely your asphalt surface will show cracking from time to time.

The good news is that small cracks can be sealed by our contractors at a low cost. Instead of starting over, we apply durable sealants that repair cracks, and protect the surface from breaking down further.

We use proven sealants that prevent further entry of water and moisture, stones, dirt, and other materials that will further break down the pavement’s binding cement.

Pavement Repair

When small cracks aren’t sealed properly, they will continue to grow and become problematic. The likely result is a sizable pothole that is unattractive and dangerous to those driving and walking on the surface.

Such ugly holes diminish the value of your property and turn away customers from your parking lot if you’re a commercial business.

In the case of potholes, a good patching job is necessary. We fill holes of all sizes and shapes at an inexpensive cost.

man seal coating
Parking Lot Line Striping

Proper lining of a parking lot is needed to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians that use the lot. Because stripes fade over time, it is necessary to have them repainted every few years.

Painted lines fade due to weather conditions, traffic, UV rays, rain, and exposure to gas and oils.

Member of our staff specialize in the careful application of lot stripes that are neat and keep your parking lot in compliance. We work with many commercial businesses and public and municipal entities, including schools, hospitals, stores, malls, churches, restaurants and retailers. 

Mill & Overlay

If your blacktop is cracking and breaking beyond return, starting from new isn’t the only option. We may able to save the asphalt’s base, thus saving you money.

In most cases, the bottom layer remains intact, allowing a cost-effective mill and overlay process that restores the blacktop and maximizes its longevity.

For driveways and parking lots in need of a major facelift, we can grind away to the top level and apply a shiny new surface to an existing base. 


We don’t like to brag very much, so we’ll let our customers do the talking for us. Patrons old and new often praise our dedication to professional, friendly, and trusted sealcoating services to the homeowners and business owners of San Diego County. We are forever grateful that they share their thoughtful reviews with our company and the world.

“We use this company every other summer to seal our driveway area. They always get the job done quickly, at a decent cost, and on our schedule. Their employees are great to work with and always leave our property looking great.”

Amanda J.

“A year ago, the company we had been using to sealcoat our parking lots increased their rates considerably. Not knowing where to turn to next, this team was recommended. We couldn’t be happier. They get the job done at a fraction of the cost of the previous company, plus they keep our lots in great shape.”

Randy P.
Parking Lot Line Striping

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